CAS Insite Parties

by Cheryl Schoonmaker -
Clairvoyance, Claircognizance Medium,
Insite Readings Include: Dreams, Numerology, Various Card Readings, Signs & Symbol, Animal Messages & Guides

Looking for a truly unique and fun way to entertain your next party... Start with a circle of friends... 6 to 20 is good. The more friends the longer the party.

As a group each person will recieve a short Cas Insite intro reading.

Following the group introduction each person will then have an individual private card reading.

My fee is $25 per person... No charge for the Party Host or Hostess. The Host or Hostess can... supply the food and drink... or ask the guests to bring a dish to pass. If you are truly rich you can pay for everyones fee... but then again you may simply ask for it at the door.

My readings are of a grand range.... from spiritual, healing, destiny, relationships, to materialistic... whatever the true needs are.

Invitations for your party may be email or sent as a message from your phone at no extra cost.
Click here to view an Invitation Demo CAS Insite Invitations